Saturday, February 12, 2011


Sorry about the format, folks. The connection speed in Paraguay a´int what it used to be. Hope you enjoy a peek into our lives.

Rural Health´s first technical training.
Dogs that follow Matt´s classmates to school.

Tegan´s escuelita.

Tegan´s spanish classroom

The training center´s outdoor areas.

Our host family´s living room. Our host brother´s childhood toys decorate the wall.

Pitu likes shoes.

Matt´s half of the health trainees.

The outside of Matt´s escuelita.

Some Guaraní

Matt´s Guaraní classroom.

Pitu finds a new roost.

Tegan with both birds.

Tegan and Pitu.

Our bathroom with the possibly fatal showerhead.

Our al fresco kitchen/dining room.

Pitofina´s personality is eerily human.

Pancho looking dapper.

Our backyard sanctuary. Home of many glasses of tereré, beer, and conversation.

Me looking puzzled in our bedroom.

Tegan started making new friends in Montevideo´s mall/airport.

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